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The spectrum workshop

Our workshop covers breathing, mobility, and strength training with a deep dive into the pelvis and ribcage.
Play Video about Ian Markow teaches a fitness workshop to trainers, coaches, and physical therapists.

The Spectrum Workshop?

We break down complex methods for you to easily apply.


We are a certified provider and at the completion of the workshop you will receive 1.2 CEU’s. 

Get Coaching

You will get hands-on experience coaching exercises and going through them yourself. 

improving critical thinking

Confronting bias and improving critical thinking are both a huge part of our mission.

Learn Programming

You’ll leave the workshop with programming that you can directly apply with your clients. 

Hear what our students have to say

Play Video about Our students love The Spectrum Workshop!

I would say overall we spent more in the last two days working with 14 different people in the class than I would say most people probably deal with in an entire week. Every single person got to try a rep, every single person got to do something. We tried different models for each thing and you get to see how every different person or compensates or doesn't compensate to complete a task.

Biggest takeaway from for me from the workshop was really just learning how to put together the breathing with the mobility and the strength conditioning, how they all kind of go together if you know how to cue and you know what the the themes and the concepts are, you can really use the breathing to enhance mobility, which will help your strength training.

I am super excited to bring the breathwork into my yoga classes, my my own yoga practice and my yoga classes. I'm also also a rock climber and so I'm excited to bring some of that stuff into where I teach at a rock climbing gym. I think that the CARs and other mobility stuff that we did, especially for shoulders and hips, it's going to be huge because we were in those positions on the wall.

You will become a better trainer with two days of hands-on coaching and interactive problem-solving.

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We begin with an interactive breathing class

Ian Markow teaches a breathing class at the beginning of our fitness workshop.
Break out sessions are important for a fitness workshop.

NEXT, We show you our strategies for building a strong foundation and Training the lower body

WE END THE DAY BY GOING THROUGH How we efficiently do an Assessment

Ian Markow teaches 90 minute kinstretch class.



After class, we explore the Ribs and Pelvis and how to expand your movement potential.

Lateral movement in your ribs and pelvis.
Ian Markow teaches the Step To Press during a fitness workshop for personal trainers, physical therapists, physios, coaches, and teachers.

we believe in the power of strength training.

we'll take you through the exercises we use to get stronger and move better.

at the end, We help you connect the dots and answer your questions.

We will go over programming strategies and how to implement what you have learned with your clients.

Ian Markow teaching exercises to personal trainers.

I found myself getting stuck in these very specific camps of how to think about movement in the body. Sometimes those different camps disagree with each other. So getting to see this kind of spectrum of thought that pulls ideas from all of those different ways of thinking was really helpful because it took a lot of the confusion that has been in my mind of how to think about this concept that disagrees with this concept. It made it made it make more sense for me how to apply that to my own clients and myself.

What's going to help me with most of my clients is combining all the different types of breathing patterns and all the mobility drills we just learned. I'm a physical therapists and I learned so much.

My biggest takeaway from the whole course is knowing how to take your clients through their individual needs, whether they have an anterior pelvic tilt or they were completely flat on the back. So they each person has their own key difference. And you have all the steps to know how to progress it and regress it safely so that they understand why and get a lot of buy in.

Workshop Examples

Ian is really great about presenting not just the movement aspect of different systems, different movements, but how you communicate to other people, how that's going to make you feel. And that's something that Ian is really great about.

I really appreciated that we got to learn by watching Ian teach someone or someone's and then we broke into groups and we were able to practice among ourselves, to feel it in our bodies, to have the other trainers and therapists coach us through the experience as well. So we got to watch it, try it, and then also practice cueing it and watching other bodies.

It was really mind blowing how good the breath work portion was. There was great mobility stuff too. And then at the end it was a lot of putting it all together into the strength training part, which was amazing.

I think Ian just does a really good job at taking very advanced concepts and breaking it down into a digestible manner. It's really hard to explain those topics, but Ian does it in a way where you can actually take those concepts in and immediately coach it. He's also a really nice guy, really welcoming and always open to answer your questions. So I really appreciate that.


We’ve had a wide variety of people come to our workshop. They include personal trainers, gym owners, sports coaches, physical therapists, physios, yoga teachers, rock climbers, athletes, and the common gym goer. Anyone who wants to learn how to train to be a better human will benefit from our workshop. 

Yes. At the completion of the workshop, you will receive 1.2 CEUs for NASM and AFAA. 

$500 early bird, $600 regular price.

9:30 am to 4:30 pm with a lunch break

We will cover how to integrate multiple systems with breathing, mobility, and strength. We focus on the integration of the lower body and upper body with a deep dive into the ribs and pelvis. 

Ian has a lot of amazing cues that he shares and just helping you think about different ways you can communicate movement with someone, maybe someone who's newer to movement or someone who is more well versed, but also communicating it in a way that they can be receptive to and makes it positive and positive reinforcement and getting someone into a better position and just different ways of looking at it.

The workshop was very practical. I am coming away with several things that I'm going to be able to use with clients as soon as I'm back at work tomorrow. I feel like it's different from other certifications that I've done where it's just a lot of knowledge and I'm not really sure what to do with it. I feel like now I am walking away with ideas for how to program better for the clients we see and even for myself.

I'd recommend this to all trainers, physical therapists, anything like that. Especially people that have looked at breathing and looked at strength training and looked at FRC. It helps put them all together in something more usable. He definitely makes it understandable that, you know, if you have a client with a certain issue, you have to find what works best.

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