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The Foundation Training Program

This program is where we start with all of our clients. It’s more than just an exercise program. Let us show you how to improve your overall health. 



Invest In Yourself

Our classes will show you how to move better and learn how to train your joints.

The program shares strategies to improve your sleep so you can recover more today to train harder tomorrow. 

It is tailored to meet you where you are in your fitness journey and guide you toward your goals.

The Foundation will improve the way your heart works by progressively improving your cardiorespiratory engine.
We give you the tools to increase your breathing capacity and help manage your stress level.

From the ground up, you will train essential movements needed for your daily routine.

Your Instructor

Ian Markow

lan is a personal trainer and educator based in Miami, FL. He has taught Kinstretch classes and exercise workshops all around the United States and internationally.

His passion is helping people become the best version of themselves through hard work and the acquisition of knowledge. You can follow him on Instagram at @ianmarkow.

Our testimonials

What comes with the program?

Unlimited Access

Your purchase guarantees you lifetime access to the program.

Self Assessment Video Series

When it comes to putting in work MTS does not like to guess. We have created a video series to assess your body from head to toe including when to screenshot the necessary positions. Showing you where you are limited will help you to individualize your approach outside of class as well as maximize your intent in class.

Facebook Group

we are here to help

Joining the program will grant access to the Facebook group which will serve as a forum. All questions will be answered, students can post videos, and additional links can be shared.

Program Details

How Long Is The Foundation Program?

12 Weeks.
We want you to be proficient at the exercises to the point where some are even easy.

What Is The Structure?

You have the option of 4 or 5 days a week of programming with daily recommendations.

The Foundation Training Program

Course Curriculum

  • Waiver and Release
  • Facebook Group
  • What You Need To Know
  • 4 Days/Week Schedule
  • 5 Days/Week Schedule
  • Foundation Schedule Details and Links
  • Foundation Schedule FAQ
  • Assess The Essentials
  • Assess The Foot
  • What Is Your B.O.L.T. Score?
  • Sleep Like A Baby
  • Habits Of A Champion
  • Phase 1 Neck Tranquilizer
  • Phase 2 The Breathing Basics
  • Phase 3 Daily Breathing Routine
  • Phase 4 The Deep Stuff
  • Day 1 Pelvic Magic & Breathe (29:25)
  • Day 2 Global Mobility (27:21)
  • Day 3 Strength & Balance (37:09)
  • Wrist & Elbow Mini Focus (18:14)
  • Aerobic Day Zone 2
  • Foot Class 1 Hello Heel (28:17)
  • Foot Class 2 What That Arch Do (25:18)
  • What You Need To Know About Phase 2
  • Strength Class Phase 2 (35:28)
  • Mobility Class Phase 2 (42:38)
  • The TVA Train (19:56)
  • Gluteus Soleus (26:09)
  • Stay In The Elevator Squat Class (36:14)
  • Alternating Strength (48:48)
  • Mastering The Single Leg (47:49)
  • The Sure Things
  • Upper Body C.A.R.’s (19:31)
  • Lower Body C.A.R.’s (16:48)


We are here to help with any questions

Someone’s foundation is their base and principle habits. Physically we think of a foundation as from the ground up. 

Absolutely. The program is built to function as a standalone but you can definitely add whatever you want. The key is to be consistent so you progress in certain areas instead of doing a little bit of everything and gaining nothing.

No. With your one-time purchase, you will permanently have access to the program.

You will improve strength, mobility, cardio, and habits that lead to increased overall function.

Today is the day to Start Feeling
and moving better!

Imagine feeling stronger, more confident, and more energized every day.

With The Foundation, that’s exactly what you can expect.

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Don't leave! all of our programs are included in our elite video membership.

Start today with a FREE 7-day trial. You can cancel anytime. 

Don't leave! all of our programs are included in our elite video membership.

Start today with a FREE 7-day trial. You can cancel anytime.