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Ian Markow will create a customized fitness and exercise program for you.

Personalized Coaching

Work one on one with Ian.

Built on an Assessment

Personalized Program

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How does it work?

There is a detailed why behind every decision we make. 

Everything we do is built off of an assessment. As we like to say assess do not guess.

Think about this as an extremely specific plan made exactly for you with the goal of improving your health and fitness.

The assessment will tell us exactly what you need to work on.

Together we will formulate the best approach to reaching all of your goals while improving your breathing, mobility, body composition, and athleticism. 


Context is king. Anyone who has truly studied the human body can appreciate the fact that it is a system of dynamic subsystems that integrate into extreme complexity.

While Ian can not influence everything in your life he has become a specialist at improving several major systems that contribute to your health and fitness.

This is not only about joint health.

This is about improving your sleep so you can train harder.

This is about mastering your breathing so you can dominate the stress of life.

This is about earning that feeling of confidence that has been gone for so long.

Whatever your goals are… together we will create and adapt the best plan for you to do anything.

Train online with perosnal trainer Ian Markow.


All of our personalized programs are 12 weeks long.

Each program includes a video assessment tutorial and your programming is delivered via the Train Heroic app.

Choose from 4, 8, or 12 sessions.

Individual Programming with 4 Sessions
  • 12 Weeks

    Individual Programming with 4 Sessions

  • $ 1750
Individual Programming with 12 Sessions
  • 12 Weeks

    Individual Programming with 12 Sessions

  • $ 2600
Individual Programming with 8 Sessions
  • 12 Weeks

    Individual Programming with 8 Sessions

  • $ 2200
Personal trainer and fitness educator Ian Markow is based in Delray Beach, FL.

If you would like to speak with Ian, you can view his schedule and book a free consultation call.

Client Testimonials

Lauren B.

Working with Ian has been the ultimate form of self care. I finally am getting the targeted feedback where I’m certain I’m going to reach my goals - and have already come so far after the first 3 months. The programming is so thoughtful and efficient - so happy I decided to work with him.

Can't thank you enough for the session today. I haven't walked away from the gym or office table feeling that confident both physically and mentally.

Luke H

Before I first started training with Ian, I had a history of elbow and hip pain from years of neglecting mobility work. Not only are all those aches now gone, but we also improved specific movement deficiencies I had - we have had great success working on my asymmetries and improving my core strength. I have been able to PR most of my lifts while improving overall body awareness and even losing 3-4 lbs with no diet changes. I can control my body like never before and am excited for my upcoming powerlifting competition.

Carlos A.

When he sent the program across, I was blown away by the level of detail put into it. As previously mentioned, learning more of the theory side of things wasn't my primary goal when seeking Ian's guidance but found that reading through the program and watching the linked videos, I learnt a lot more than I already had done, which was not only great for my own training but for me to then pass this onto training my own clients as well. Attention to the small details, that make such a big difference with mobility, is one of the main things I took away from working with Ian and his team and now have a structure in place that I can carry on using for the rest of my life.

Mark H.

Ian gave me the tools to get out of severe chronic hip pain and develop a huge understanding of what a real mobility practice looks like. This work inspired me to take the FRC and FR course for myself which I felt much more prepared for after Ian's comprehensive programming and top notch coaching cues.

G Money

My velocity PR jumped 5mph this fall and the program I got from Ian certainly played a huge role, but more importantly, I have confidence that I’ll stay healthy moving forward in my career. At 6’7’, I’ve battled with a constant slew of injuries since middle school that prevented my ability to consistently develop as an athlete. Ian identified huge mobility restrictions, strength deficiencies, and poor movement quality that were the root of my problems.

Ben B


1. Determine Physical Capacities

This is how we find out what you can and can not do utilizing a thorough assessment. This ensures that your program never puts you at risk while simultaneously choosing the correct progression to improve as soon as possible.

2. Program within those Capacities

If you can not get overhead without throwing your lower back into the job of your shoulder, then overhead pressing is going on the shelf for a little. We will maintain strength doing exercises such as landmine presses and yoga push ups. You are still getting strong and even more importantly you are not getting hurt. Individual programming is about setting you up for success right from the start by getting rid of any guess work.

3. Program additional work to expand capacities

Here is where we add specific mobility work to expand the movement options you have. Let’s keep the same example and continue with we do not have the capacity to get overhead. We need to make sure we have adequate internal rotation and shoulder flexion. With a consistent approach we can improve the capacity of your shoulder getting overhead with load. Programming at the highest level will improve mobility and strength without compromising aesthetic goals either.

4. Reassess and Repeat

This is a process and serves as a great reminder of why we choose twelve week programs instead of monthly. This structure will ensure your greatness and full potential is reached as soon as possible with realistic expectations.


Can I sign up for one month?

We make our individual programming twelve weeks mandatory for a ton of reasons. The main reasons are to establish realistic expectations and ensure progress. True biological change at the joint level takes longer than four weeks. This is our highest commitment of service allowing us to do everything in our power to help you succeed. We do offer other training options such as our level 1 and 2 Kinstretch Anywhere programs which are less money and commitment. Feel free to reach out via email and find out what option is best for you.

Can I use my sessions beyond the 12 weeks?

No. Just as we are committed to you, you need to be committed to the program.

Are there videos to follow?

Every exercise in your program will come with a detailed coaching video. Students are also encouraged to video exercises they have questions about for form checks.

We also include full length follow along classes from our Elite Video Membership.

Can I ask questions?

You will be able to ask unlimited questions during the 12 weeks including video review of anything. For example, we strongly suggest videoing your controlled articular rotations every few weeks and sending them in. In addition, Ian is available via email anytime for check ins or questions.

Is the program only mobility?

No! The program is based off of your goals so it will always be the perfect mixture of what you want and need. For example, you might be working on your front split which is exactly what your program will reflect. If your main goal is weight loss then your program will be completely different with only the mobility work necessary for your overall success.

Is this training option for athletes?

Absolutely. We have had great success with our online whether you want to throw 90 miles per hour or PR your marathon time. We will base your plan of your assessment and goals leading to the right amount of aerobic capacity, mobility, and strength training. If you have specific concerns or questions about your athletic potential please email

Can I sign up if I have injuries?

In general yes. The best route for anyone with serious injuries is to email with all of the information you have included physical therapy notes, MRI’s, and a detailed summary of your history. In the case that we feel you need more help we will absolutely tell you and advise against signing up for online training.

Is this a good option for coaches?

This is a very common question we get from FRCms looking to learn how to implement mobility training. While the answer is yes… we created our course Mobility Coach Plus specifically for this situation. You can definitely to both but think of one on one training as going through the process as the trainee instead of learning through the lens of a coach

How many hours do I need to commit each week for the program?

Your availability and level of commitment are defining factors in your program design. This means we will not give you more than you can handle and always enough to make progress. In general, 20 minutes a day for maintenance work and 4 days a week of 60-90 minutes is a winning formula. Your training background is huge factor here also meaning an athlete trying to capture that last 5% of potential will need to train more than someone who is getting back into shape. It is important to note that this training option allows for feedback and changes to be made throughout the program so nothing is set and stone.

Do I need equipment or a gym membership?

Similar to the question about hours per week this is all about you. Having a world class gym opens up a lot of doors but we have had so many people make a ton of progress right in their own living room. Feel free to reach out to Ian before buying anything for your home so we can make sure it is the best use of your money.

Steps To Get Started

    1. Once you purchase your program we will send you a video tutorial of how to complete the assessment on your own. 
    2. Complete the assessment
    3. On our first video call we will go over assessment and discuss plan moving forward

We use the free Train Heroic app to host your program.

It is extremely user-friendly and allows you to ask questions, input numbers, and provide feedback.

We have also created an onboarding guide with follow-along videos as a resource to get you started efficiently. 

We are here to help! Speak with Ian by viewing his schedule and booking a free consultation call.


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