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Mobility Coach Plus

A course created for coaches, trainers, and therapists who want to integrate mobility training into their current approach.

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Not only will you be able to assess your clients better, but you will learn how to integrate mobility and strength.  With the knowledge and programming taught in our course, your clients will reach their goals!

Why Mobility Coach Plus?

We break down complex methods for you to easily apply with your clients.

You will be able to directly apply the concepts taught in Mobility Coach Plus with your clients.

Learn The

The course includes research, lectures, personal experiences, and case studies designed to challenge the way you think about training.


We have over 30 hours of coaching videos that go into incredible detail and provide you with exercise regressions and progressions.

improving critical thinking

Confronting bias and improving critical thinking are both a huge part of our mission.

industry professionals

We bring in other industry professionals to add perspective and talk about their specific expertise.

Our testimonials

Mobility Coach Plus includes

  • Continuing Education Through LIVE Practicals ($50 VALUE Each Practical)
  • Two 20 Minute Video Calls with Ian ($200 VALUE)
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access
  • Private Facebook Group for Discussions, Questions and Networking
  • Over 30 Hours of Exclusive Coaching Videos
  • Assessment Tutorial

You will become a better trainer, coach, or therapist with our course.

We give you the tools to become a better professional



“Not only has Ia n taught me so many techniques and modalities, but he gave me tools to be a critical thinker, and also he gave me the vocabulary to explain what I saw in my body and my clients.”



“I really appreciate Ian for the way he approaches and how he teaches because he’s never telling someone this is the way something needs to be done.”

Your Instructor

Ian Markow

lan is a personal trainer and educator based in Miami, FL. He has taught Kinstretch classes and exercise workshops internationally and all around the United States. His passion is helping people become the best version of themselves through hard work and the acquisition of knowledge. You can follow him on Instagram at @ianmarkow.

Mobility Coach Plus

Course Curriculum

  • Waiver and Release
  • Before You Begin
  • 6 Steps For You To Be Succesful
  • Join The Facebook Group
  • What Is Your Bias?
  • Confronting Bias Review
  • The Power Of Words
  • Power Of Words Review
  • Setting The Environment
  • Setting The Environment Review
  • Analogies vs Reduction
  • Analogies vs Reduction Review
  • The Biopsychosocial Model
  • The Biopsychosocial Model Review
  • The Trainer/Therapist Relationship
  • The Trainer/ Therapist Relationship Review
  • But The Research Says
  • Breathing Practical (Live Zoom Q and A)
  • A Deep Dive
  • How I Teach Breathing
  • Isometric Strength
  • Tranquilo Time (Parasympathetic)
  • Ladder
  • Elevator Breathing
  • Level Up Your Awareness
  • The Science Behind “Stretching”
  • Science Behind Stretching Review
  • What Is Mobility?
  • What Is Mobility Review
  • The Why Behind Mobility Training
  • The Why Behind Mobility Review
  • Degrees of Freedom
  • Positioning/ Orientation
  • Critical Thinking
  • Asymmetry
  • Fascia/ Connective Tissue
  • Fascia Review
  • The Joint Capsule
  • The Joint Capsule Review
  • Biotensegrity
  • Biomechanics
  • Biomechanics Review
  • Isometrics
  • Isometric Review
  • The Low Hanging Fruit
  • Sherringtons Law Of Irradiation
  • Understanding Adaption
  • Why?
  • Flip The Script
  • Assessment Instructions
  • Standing Posture Assessment
  • Neck Assessment
  • Spine Assessment
  • Scap Assessment
  • Shoulder Assessment
  • Hip IR ER
  • Hip Flexion Assessment
  • Hip C.A.R. Assessment
  • Knee Assessment
  • Ankle Assessment
  • The Infrasternal Angle Assessment
  • Assessment Results
  • Connect The Dots
  • The Blue Print
  • The Playbook
  • Time to be Basquiat
  • Traditional Strength Training Integration.
  • Building The Ultimate Mobility Class
  • Principles for Progressions
  • Spine Training
  • Thoracic Spine Training
  • Hip Training
  • Shoulder/ GlenoHumeral Rotation
  • Non Rotation Hip Training
  • Scapular Training
  • Wrist And Elbow
  • Knee Training
  • Ankle/ Foot/ Toes Training
  • Gait Training
  • Core Training
  • Non Rotation Shoulder Training
  • Sports Considerations
  • Splits
  • The Usual Suspects
  • Keys To Success With David Grey
  • Intro To Postural Restoration Institute With Aleena Kanner
  • GOATA, FRC, PRI & Yoga With Kasia Galica
  • Advanced Mobility Training With Garrett The Supple Dragon Kuljian
  • Hip & Shoulder Flexion With Alex Effer
  • Muscle Physiology With Greg Hawthorne
  • Heuristics Of Manual Therapy With Ryan Esdohr
  • A Deep Dive Into IntraAbdominal Pressure With Erin McGuire
  • The No BS Guide To Hypertrophy
  • Breathing Practical (Live Zoom Q and A)
  • Pelvis Practical (Live Zoom Q and A)
  • Introduction to the Foot/ Ankle Practical
  • Assess The Foot
  • Equipment We Use
  • Practical Guide
  • Presentation
  • Practical
  • The Debrief Q & A
  • Supporting Material
  • Ankle, Foot and Toes Mobility Training
  • Make It Stronger
  • Additional Resources
  • Case Studies 1 Carlos/ Jason
  • Hamstring Tear Case Study Session 1
  • Course Completion

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