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At Markow Training Systems we integrate mobility principles with strength training. The number one priority of Markow Training Systems is to educate people all over the world giving them independence.


This means no longer seeing the chiropractor two times a week, no more pain killers, and ultimately knowing that you can DO ANYTHING with proper progressions.


Personalized Coaching

Work one on one directly with Ian for 12 weeks. This includes online sessions, an assessment tutorial and training program with weekly coaching.

Elite Video Membership

Start taking classes today and get your first week FREE with the Elite Video Membership.

Mobility Coach Plus

An online course for coaches and therapist looking to integrate mobility training into their approach.

Learn how to integrate mobility and strength with an informative webinar.

Become A Better Trainer

Learn How To Integrate Mobility and Strength In Our Informative Webinar

Ultimate Daily C.A.R.s Routine

We've updated our daily mobility routine with two views.

With our hip mobility challenge you will receive 7 days of hip exercises.

7 Day Hip Mobility Challenge

We give you 7 exercises to progressively improve your hip mobility.

At home mobility and strength routines.

Mobility and Strength Routines

A collection of free exercise routines that you can do anywhere.

Our Team

Ian thinks he's boss, but Alex is the real genius.

Ian Markow is a personal trainer and educator based in Miami, FL.

Ian Markow

Creative Director

Alex Markow

Dan NattrassDan Nattrass
06:05 13 Aug 22
Their on line training tools are outstanding. Detailed, exact, well thought out & multi disciplinary. Huge Fan of the content. Wish I had more time to apply all.
Rondelle DukewichRondelle Dukewich
16:35 10 Aug 22
Mobility Coach + is an absolute masterpiece, in the continuing education field, as well as a phenomenal starting point for anyone entering into the mobility, or personal training field. The price point should definitely be higher, because no matter how much amazing content there is when you first enroll, they keep adding more!! The guest speakers are top tier in terms of knowledge. Ian Markow as well as the entire team, are some of the most passionate and caring individuals I’ve ever met and they are 100% dedicated to your success. I use tips and knowledge from this course every single day and it’s been paramount in the outcomes of my treatments with my clients. The assessment videos are the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve been a Registered Massage Therapist for 22 years now and no other course that I have taken, has given me as many tools as this one has. Thank you so much Markow Training Systems, for the high calibre of training you bring to this field. I will reference this material for years to come.
Lauren BursteinLauren Burstein
14:30 10 Aug 22
Working with Ian has been the ultimate form of self care. I finally am getting the targeted feedback where I’m certain I’m going to reach my goals - and have already come so far after the first 3 months. The programming is so thoughtful and efficient - so happy I decided to work with him.
Lisa MottLisa Mott
14:02 10 Aug 22
Life changing information that everyone needs to know.
Michael ConwayMichael Conway
13:49 10 Aug 22
I’ve been going through Mobility Coach + at my own pace and it has honestly been full of game changers. From breath-work to assessments to so many other useful things, it was changed the way I train for the better already big time.


  • In celebration of releasing our new Total Body Mobility Program, we are giving away one of our favorite workouts that was put together to rejuvenate your hips. These exercises not only focus on getting your hips to rotate better but

  • After a challenging workout, your body craves the right nutrients to recover and grow stronger. While a balanced diet is crucial, supplements can play a key role in enhancing your post-exercise recovery.   In this blog post, we'll dive into the benefits

  • Several misconceptions about the correct barbell squat form and popular coaching cues persist. And those cues are hurting your results.  You've heard them all before. "Squeeze your shoulder blades!", "Chest up!", "Drive your knees out!", "Spread the floor!" and "Squeeze your

  • The back bend is an empowering pose that showcases your spinal flexibility and strength. Whether you're a seasoned yogi, dancer, or fitness enthusiast, mastering the back bend is a rewarding endeavor that requires dedication and practice. In our 5 Exercises To

  • When the goal is to improve movement and performance, understanding the core muscles and their function is crucial for maximizing your training. Technically, core muscles include all the muscles of the trunk, pelvic floor, and hips surrounding the spine and abdominals.

  • When you think about core training and exercises, you probably think about the front of your body. You should also be thinking about spinal mobility and especially lateral flexion. Why you need lateral flexion in your core training During everyday activities, such

  • Hyperlordosis might sound like a scary fancy-pants word, but it simply means that the low back has an exaggerated (hyper) inward curve (lordosis). After reading this blog, you will have a better understanding of whether you should worry about improving

  • Posture and breathing are intimately linked, and understanding this connection can help you improve both. While there's no one-size-fits-all perfect posture for everyone, your posture can profoundly impact your breathing, and conversely, your breathing can influence your posture. How does breathing

  • Fascia is a spiderweb-like connective tissue surrounding and supporting our muscles, bones, and organs. It plays a crucial role in force transmission and movement efficiency, acting as a scaffold for muscles and tendons to attach to. Fascia is what allows

  • Questions about P.A.I.L.s and R.A.I.L.s are common with Kinstretch and Functional Range Conditioning. We will explain what are P.A.I.L.s and R.A.I.L.s and how to progress them. In the end, we want you to be feeling what are you supposed to

  • We have to be honest, getting on the DGR podcast with David Grey was really exciting. It's probably the first podcast that we've gone on that we've actually listened to every episode. What did we get into on the podcast?

  • Rib flare is not a death sentence but it is something you want to address if you are having issues such as pain or decreased performance. We have worked with multiple clients and have been able to improve and often



If you have a questions about any of our offerings, upcoming events or training with Ian feel free to ask!