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KettleBell Level 1

Build Strength, Mobility, and Conditioning!

A 12-Week Program of progressive workouts

You will learn the foundational kettlebell skills including Swing, Squat, Clean, Snatch and Turkish Get Up.

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What Is Inside The Program?

The program is divided into phases with 4 workouts of 30-45 minutes per week

Phase 1

The program starts with a detailed dive into the Deadlift, Squat, Swing and Turkish Get Up. We blend direct core work and mobility into the workouts to check multiple boxes. We have included a bonus elbow and wrist workout to set up later progressions. 

Phase 2

We introduce the Kettlebell Clean and progressions of the first 4 exercises we learned. Direct core work is included with targeted mobility. A bonus shoulder, elbow and wrist day is included to keep your joints healthy and progressing. 

Phase 3

We learn the Kettlebell Snatch and turn up the heat. This is where we put your skills, strength and conditioning to the test with tough workouts. Built in regressions and progressions are provided in all phases. We have included a bonus Groin Mobility workout to fill in the gaps. 

Your Coach

Ian Markow

lan is a personal trainer and educator based in Miami, FL. He has taught Kinstretch classes and exercise workshops all around the United States and internationally.

His passion is helping people become the best version of themselves through hard work and the acquisition of knowledge. You can follow him on Instagram at @ianmarkow. 

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We are here to help with any questions

Please reach out to Ian below to make sure this program will work for you.

We understand that life happens and things prevent you from going through the schedule on time, so you have access to the program for 16 weeks before it expires. 

Yes, It works for both types of phones. 

Yes, You can access the program at

Nope! You are good to go. Everything will be explained.

Yes. In the earlier phases there are follow along classes. The program mostly consists of short instructional videos for each exercise that we program. 

The Elite Video Membership consists of classes in which you will be able to follow along. The EVM and our class-based programs are delivered through a web browser. The Kettle Bell Level 1 Program is offered through an app on your phone that integrates a calendar and is broken up into individual exercises. 

Facebook Group

we are here to help

Joining the program will grant access to the Facebook group which will serve as a forum. All questions will be answered, students can post videos, and additional links can be shared.

Purchase the 12-week program for lifetime games. 

One time purchase

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