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How To Fix Your Barbell Squat Form

Several misconceptions about the correct barbell squat form and popular coaching cues persist. And those cues are hurting your

5 Shoulder Exercises to Build Strength And Improve Mobility

The shoulder joint has an incredible amount of degrees of freedom. We need them in life to scratch our

FAI: Exercises For Femoral Acetabulum Impingement

In today’s post, we will share our go-to exercises for someone with femoral acetabulum impingement (FAI) or hip impingement

Online Exercise Classes with the Elite Video Membership

The Elite Video Membership is a monthly subscription to our online exercise class library that includes Kinstretch, Stick Mobility,

Shoulder Mobility Guide: A 12-Week Structured Exercise Program

The Shoulder Mobility Guide is a 12-week program with follow-along classes that has everything you need to improve the

Lower Body Workout for your Hip and Butt

This lower body hip and butt workout routine uses active techniques to open all the stuff on the front

At Home Mobility Routines

One of the ways we stay sane is to get moving with an at-home workout. Mobility training is very

Integrating Kinstretch with Crossfit

Can Kinstretch improve your Crossfit training? The answer is a resounding YES. Crossfit is a brilliant and beautiful creation.

Med Ball Training: Train Rotation

The goal of this post is to educate readers on the benefits of incorporating medicine ball training into their 2023 © All rights reserved.