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Our Choice For Best Home Gym Equipment With Out A Doubt

Are you searching for the best home gym equipment to enhance your fitness routine without overcrowding your space? We

How To Film Fitness Classes with your Phone

Can you have a successful business online by filming fitness classes? Yes. The shift to filming fitness classes at

Fitness Instructor Insurance: 7 Common Questions And Why You Should Get Covered

  In today’s post, we discuss seven common questions that come up about fitness instructor insurance. Insurance can sometimes

Using Thinkific For Your Fitness Business

When creating a fitness course, program, or membership for your business, how you deliver your product to your students

Cameras For Filming Fitness Classes

Since publishing our post “How To Film Fitness Classes”, people have been asking what cameras we use to film

Stick Mobility: Which Stick Should I Get?

Stick Mobility is a great addition to your fitness equipment. We use Stick Mobility a ton for classes in

Weck Method RMT Ropes

  We stopped by the Weck Method lab during our cross country tour and got a chance to speak 2023 © All rights reserved.