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Hyperlordosis: Should You Worry About It?

Hyperlordosis might sound like a scary fancy-pants word, but it simply means that the low back has an exaggerated

Rib Flare Fix: How To Correct It

Rib flare is not a death sentence but it is something you want to address if you are having

Basics of Breathing: Start Here

For our Basics of Breathing post, we will get into the anatomy of our ribs and inform you on

Improve Your Anterior Pelvic Tilt with Pelvic Magic

Have you been diagnosed with anterior pelvic tilt? There is no need to stress if someone told you that!

The Foundation: A Beginner Exercise Program

The Foundation is a beginner exercise program with follow-along classes, breathing routines, and daily recommendations to improve your movement,

Nasal Breathing: Try This Game Changer For Better Sleep

You know how it feels when you’re sleep-deprived. You feel stressed, your muscles ache and you can’t focus on

The BOLT Test: Learn How Well You Breathe

The BOLT test is a great starting point if you’re concerned about how your breathing might have a negative

Zone 2 Training for Beginners

If you’re new to Zone 2 training, this blog’s for you! In this guide to Zone 2 training for

Intra-abdominal Pressure with Mobility Coach Plus Guest Erin McGuire

Our latest Mobility Coach Plus guest presentation is A Deep Dive Into Intra-Abdominal Pressure With Erin McGuire. Erin is the creator of

Online Exercise Classes with the Elite Video Membership

The Elite Video Membership is a monthly subscription to our online exercise class library that includes Kinstretch, Stick Mobility,

Neck Relief: FREE Breathing Class

Do you find yourself in need of neck relief? It’s a common problem that can be caused by poor 2023 © All rights reserved.