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Runners should be training on and off the track.

3 Best Exercises Every Runner Needs In Their Program

Runners… are you looking to enhance your performance, improve your mobility, and avoid injuries? Incorporating specific exercises into your routine can significantly benefit your running mechanics and overall health.

In our latest video, we introduced three critical exercises tailored specifically for runners. Here’s why you should add these to your training program.

3 Essential Exercises Every Runner Should Include in Their Training Program

1. Co-Contraction Hamstring Wall Series

The first exercise in our series is the co-contraction hamstring wall series. This exercise is a game-changer for runners as it focuses on activating and strengthening the hamstring and calf muscles simultaneously.

This not only improves muscle coordination but also enhances the cross-connection needed to mobilize the rib cage.

By incorporating breathing techniques that expand specific areas, this exercise allows for better thoracic rotation—a crucial element for efficient and safe running.

The ability to rotate your upper body effectively reduces the risk of injuries and can improve your running efficiency.

2. Hip Hinge

The second exercise is the hip hinge. Often, runners are advised to “use your glutes,” but this can be challenging if the glutes are not able to stretch.

The hip hinge exercise focuses on strengthening your ability to drive power through the floor while improving the internal rotation of the hip.

Owning this will allow you to push more efficiently through the midfoot leading to increased power and speed running. Keeping the back of the hip open but regularly shifting into it like this is the ultimate mobility cheat code.

3. Hip CAR (Controlled Articular Rotations)

The third essential exercise for runners is the hip CAR. This exercise is particularly beneficial for addressing mobility issues and loading the tissues around the hip that are typically not engaged through running alone.

The hip CAR challenges your hips in various positions, which are crucial for maintaining joint health and functional mobility. An added advantage of this exercise is that it involves no ground contact, allowing the hip to be trained without the impact that comes from running.

This makes it an excellent option for runners who are building up their volume and wish to avoid overuse injuries.

Implementing These Exercises Into Your Routine

Adding these exercises to your training regimen can lead to significant improvements in your running performance and reduction in injury risk. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or a weekend jogger, these exercises are designed to help you run more efficiently and with better form.

How We Program For Runners

Our exercise program Running Foundations dives deeper into foundational exercises that support optimal running technique.

Keep up with your exercises and here’s to running stronger and healthier every day!

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