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Hip workout for better mobility.

Rejuvenate Your Hips With This FREE Workout

In celebration of releasing our new Total Body Mobility Program, we are giving away one of our favorite workouts that was put together to rejuvenate your hips. These exercises not only focus on getting your hips to rotate better but also improve the movement of your pelvis. When you improve the movement of both your hips and pelvis, you are setting yourself up for success!

Hip Scissor Slides Routine

In this exercise routine video, Ian guides you through a pelvic magic mini-session focused on scissor slides from various angles. They emphasize dynamic pelvic movement without isometric holds.

The routine starts with a foam roller squeeze, followed by specific movements to engage hamstrings, adductors, and glutes. Then it takes you through a sequence involving hip slides and rotations, using a foam roller for feedback.

The routine includes sideline exercises, utilizing a pillow and ball for added challenge and muscle activation. We demonstrate movements to engage the inner thigh and glute muscles on both sides.

We must stress the importance of maintaining proper form and avoiding excessive hip rotation or spine movement.

The video progresses to a straight-leg scissor slide, emphasizing the ability to hike and unhike the hip. The routine concludes with a bear position against the wall, where participants uniquely used their adductors drawing the femur into the pelvis causing a rotation.

Throughout the session, Ian provides troubleshooting tips and offers modifications for varying fitness levels. The goal is to help viewers understand and personalize their pelvic magic practice for improved mobility and muscle engagement. 


Rejuvenate Your Hips With A Trifecta Of Hip C.A.R.’s

The trifecta of Hip C.A.R.’s (learn more about Controlled Articular Rotations here)—comprising a Standing Hip C.A.R., a Side-lying Hip C.A.R., and a Hip C.A.R. against a wall—provides a comprehensive approach to rejuvenate your hip by training rotation.

These exercises form the bedrock of hip joint health and mobility, serving as fundamental movements to invigorate and sustain optimal hip function.


With the Standing Hip C.A.R., we recommend using a pole, tree, or wall for stability.



Transitioning to the Side-lying hip C.A.R. introduces a different orientation overloading the tissues on the side of the hip while offloading the front and back of the hip. 



The trifecta is completed with a hip C.A.R. against a wall, utilizing the wall as a support so you don’t cheat movement and can focus precise hip movements.



When you put all these exercises together, you know have a great workout to rejuvenate your hips. By consistently incorporating these exercises, you actively engage your hip joint and pelvis across various planes, fostering mobility, strength, and movement.

What’s next?

Try our Total Body Mobility Program which includes this workout and many more. Over 12 weeks you will be moving and feeling your best!



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