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Ian Markow joins David Grey's podcast for a great conversion that personal trainers will love.

The DGR Podcast with Ian Markow

We have to be honest, getting on the DGR podcast with David Grey was really exciting. It’s probably the first podcast that we’ve gone on that we’ve actually listened to every episode.

What did we get into on the podcast? We spoke about Movement, FRC, coaching, content creation, and more. 

We are big fans of David’s work here at Markow Training Systems, and we hope you guys enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed being on the show. 


You can listen here.


Episode Timeline – What you will learn:


(00:00) – Podcast intro

(01:42) – Ian joins the podcast / the power of podcasting

(06:02) – Becoming a new father, workshops & content creation

(08:09) – Filming clients, giving homework & Ians take on Davids IG strategy

(12:16) – Strip it back (if its good its good)

(13:17) – Ians workshops plus the magic of a Monday

(18:11) – Long term learning & Learning through teaching

(20:40) – Ian explains FRC & discussion on open and closed chain

(23:56) – FRC and its roots in Jiu Jitsu

(33:50) – RELAX / Effortless efficiency

(38:27) – Retesting is mostly BS

(41:19) – Importance of finding middle ground

(46:52) – Breathing/ISA’s & Importance of side lying

(50:51) – Being super specific vs developing movement skills

(53:01) – Skill based approach

(54:57) – Exercises that give something vs exercises that help us keep something

(1:03:38) – Online vs in person / the power of reach

(1:07:27) – Ians “favourite” type of client to work with

(1:19:26) – Podcast outro, plugs + principles

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