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Manual therapist Ryan Esdohr performs manual therapy.

Our latest Mobility Coach Plus guest presentation is Heuristics Of Manual Therapy With Ryan Esdohr.

What are heuristics? Heuristics are mental shortcuts that can facilitate problem-solving and probability judgments.

Ryan is a phenomenal practitioner who we have learned a lot over the years originally connecting through our Functional Range Systems roots. We love the way Ryan uses his craft so bringing him in was a sure thing.

We have so many Physical Therapists and Licensed Massage therapists who join Mobility Coach Plus with the intent of leveling up their outcomes both on and off the table. Ryan did not disappoint at all. 


Manual therapy really is an art.

It’s not a surprise that research is skewed on the impact of manual therapy. One of the many factors it boils down to is the practitioner’s skill. ⁣

It was great to have Ryan on to share his experience and give us some great tips.

If you are a manual therapist looking to level up your success rates on and off the table then Mobility Coach Plus is for you!

The 3D’s of Manual Therapy

Depth, direction, and duration are crucial considerations when performing manual therapy.

The more specific the input the more specific the outcome. Manual therapy isn’t just scraping something that hurts.

Why Depth Matters With Manual Therapy

Why does depth matter? Each region of the body has multiple layers. Not just muscle tissue but also facial layers.

Should Manual Therapists Work With The Grain Or Against The Grain?


We believe the best practitioners in the world have a wide variety of tools in their toolbox. Being able to integrate a hands-on and off approach into a unified plan is not easy.

Our students tell us all the time how hard that can be. Some people just want to have someone rub their pain away but we all know that is not how it works.

Our course will take your understanding of manual therapy to the next level. We will also give you the communication skills to operate on a whole new level within those interpersonal aspects of the job that are foolishly overlooked.

Lastly, no matter who you are if you want long-term results we need to empower our people to move and get stronger. If you join Mobility Coach Plus you will have it all.

Big thanks to Ryan Esdohr for presenting to our Mobility Coach Plus community!

There’s so much to learn from our guest presenters!


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When you enroll in Mobility Coach Plus, you get access to all of our guest presenters. You also get live access to the presentation when they happen and are free to ask questions at the end of the presentation. 



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