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Side and front view of what is rib flare.

Rib flare is not a death sentence but it is something you want to address if you are having issues such as pain or decreased performance. We have worked with multiple clients and have been able to improve and often eliminate the flaring of their ribs.

In this post, we will discuss what rib flare is and how to correct it using our experience.

What is Rib Flare?

A rib flare is an external rotation of the rib. You can think of it as your ribs are popped open.

The goal for you is to have a dynamic ribcage. This means the ribcage can change shapes depending on the task we are asked to complete.

For instance, we need to be able to compress and expand different parts of the ribcage.

When your ribs are not positioned optimally, air will take the path of least resistance. This is why we preach the basics so much. Simply learning to inhale and exhale fully is a game-changer.


In conclusion, the major change you want to make is learning to exhale.

Breathing is incredibly powerful.

This video should help give you a visual understanding of what we are looking for in proper breathing mechanics.

Many people are chasing performance, shoulder and hip mobility, or even just better recovery with everything but optimizing their breathing patterns.

This is a huge mistake in our opinion.

In addition, working on your breathing requires no tools…. yes I’m talking about the vibrating massage guns.

When you learn how to exhale I guarantee you start to see those “trigger points” melt away.


If you or your clients are struggling with rib flare, we recommend trying our step-by-step breathing and core classes inside the Elite Video Membership

For more severe issues, we recommend an individualized program.

Feel free to reach out to Ian directly with any questions. 

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