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Greg Hawthorne is an athletic trainer and has a deep knowledge of muscle physiology.

Greg Hawthorne: Mobility Coach Plus Guest

Our latest Mobility Coach Plus guest coach presenter is athletic trainer Greg Hawthorne.

Greg is based in Georgia and is known for his advanced knowledge of muscular physiology. The Postural Restoration Institute and Bill Hartman are two of the many major influences that allow Greg to get results with a wide spectrum of populations.

Here is Greg’s Instagram

Greg did a great job of breaking down some complex topics during his presentation. All of our guest presenters come with your enrollment in Mobility Coach Plus, but today we are sharing a few of our favorite clips from the presentation. 

Twisted Knee Anatomy

This is such a common thing. From a standing posture picture, you will see the knee turning one way and the femur (hip bone) spinning the other.


Compression and Expansion Model

The compression and expansion model has grown in popularity a ton. We first learned about this through Bill Hartman who is a mentor of Greg’s. The C & P model is very simple and extremely complex at the same time. Greg did a great job of breaking down some of the key concepts, especially how the compression expansion model defines muscle physiology.


Eccentric Contraction

This is another thought-provoking snippet. Greg did a great job challenging the traditional model of thinking which is a huge part of the MC+ message.


Big thanks to Greg Hawthorne for presenting to our Mobility Coach community!

We’ve got some future guests we are really excited about. As our list of guest presenters builds, it’s pretty cool to see the different perspectives we have been able to learn from.

Check out the past presenters and sign up for future ones over at Mobility Coach Plus.

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