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When you improve your hip mobility your pelvis will move better and running will feel great!

In today’s post, we will go through 4 proven steps to improving Hip Mobility.



Let’s break it down. The 4 steps to improving Hip Mobility are:


It’s crazy how much your breathing will affect your hip. The truth is the right breathing drill can completely change the way your hip moves.

We use specific breathing drills and global approaches to check every box there is when it comes to having a great hip.



Where you start is going to have a huge effect on where you are going. When it comes to improving hip mobility, it is crucial that we organize the pelvis in a position that gives us movement options.

Most people have heard about anterior pelvic tilt or posterior pelvic tilt which are both essential movements of the hips. This program is designed to restore the most neutral position so you can move in all directions.

This includes forward and back, side to side, rotation, and even hiking up and down. We need it all and by improving your starting position we will unlock all movement directions.



Training rotation is absolutely essential for improving hip mobility. If you think about it, specific hip rotation training is probably something that has been missing in your program. A great example of a hip rotation exercise would be the Hip Car

An assessment of external hip rotation is where you start to improving hip mobility


In our Beginner Hip Mobility program, we focus on addressing the pelvis and the femur, restoring the movement options you lost. This program shows you how to assess the rotational capacities of your hip and exactly how to improve them.

We even created a Pelvic Magic series to improve how you can control your pelvis in all directions.


This shouldn’t be a secret. If you want to truly change your body you need to give it a consistent message to change.

Your body will not change overnight. Consistent and progressive training is the way. 

One of the ways to have consistent inputs for hip mobility is by adding strength exercises such these Respiratory Squats.


So how long do you need to train when your goal is improving hip mobility?

We suggest starting with a 12-week program. 

That’s why we’ve created our Beginner Hip Mobility Program. Utilizing the 4 steps, we’ve put together a 12-week structured program to improve your hip mobility.

Do you prefer an individual program? You can train with Ian one on one.



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