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ian markow teaching kinstretch class during fitness workshop

Who Is The Elite Video Membership For? An Exercise Class Library For Everyone

Our exercise class library inside the Elite Video Membership is for someone who wants to move better, improve their breathing, and level up their health. 

Being an EVM student means zooming out at the big picture to take a holistic approach towards your health and fitness.

A major theme of the EVM is how connected everything is. We utilize systematic approaches to get you to your health and fitness goals. You will learn about your body and we will show you how to take your movement to the next level.

Get Results.

Our exercise class library has easy-to-follow steps that will increase your mobility and be able to express more movement options.

You know how sometimes or maybe even all the time your squats just feel sticky? Maybe you do not feel stable and smooth in your squat making it hard to be strong.

Here’s an example of us training for an improved squat with passive range holds:



When your hip mobility improves you gain access to the squat which means access to more muscle tissue to use. If we can recruit it effectively it will grow as we load it. This is where your mobility training with us can lead to some crazy strength gains.

Determined from our assessment tutorial, you can choose your path with one of our mobility guides, programs, or class series. We provide the structure and you just have to put in the work! 

What are the results? You will improve your range of motion, feel better and get stronger!

With our Facebook group, you can ask any questions you have and get guidance on how to utilize our exercise class library to its full potential. 

Our exercise class library has options for all levels.

We have over one hundred classes and short routines that can fit anywhere in your week. Even with limited equipment, you can change the way you move without leaving your living room.

We have beginner classes with regressions that are a great place to start for someone with limitations.

99% of the world would benefit from going through our beginner program The Foundation. It is what we call a sure thing. 

For those students who have limited time and need big impacts, we have our work breaks playlist. The playlist includes shorter classes and gives you a lot of great options to get a quick movement session in.


short kinstretch class hip knee and ankle cars

The Elite Video Membership is more than an exercise class library.

Let’s talk about a sneaky benefit called aerobic capacity. This is a fancy way of saying cardio or strength training for your heart.

It is very common to go zero to one hundred with cardio and neglect building an aerobic foundation. You would be surprised how few people can bike for thirty minutes with their mouths closed.

With the Elite Video Membership programming, we grow the biceps and triceps….. but we are also after those heart gains.

We’ve said we are holistic in our approach and you spend a third of your life sleeping. That’s why we provide actionable steps to improve your sleep. Our goal is for you to recover effectively every night and feel fully rested to take on every day at full capacity. 

The list of benefits that you get from improving your breath is a blog in itself.

Another really cool result we see our students experiencing is the posture gains. With so much confusing stuff out there today on posture we like to think about this as structural changes. We are changing the starting point of every exercise.

Our goal is to find balance throughout the body and learn how to effectively “stack”. If posture is one of your main goals, definitely try our Posture class series. 

Overall, the EVM not only gives you the tools to optimize how to sit, stand, and walk but how to live.

Enough talk, get started today with your first week free!



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