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An example of succesfully improving anterior pelvic tilt.

Improve Your Anterior Pelvic Tilt with Pelvic Magic

Have you been diagnosed with anterior pelvic tilt? There is no need to stress if someone told you that!

Anterior pelvic tilt is just a fancy way of saying you are arching your lower back and lifting your ribs in the front.

Unfortunately, the verdict is out on military posture and it’s far from optimal. If you are still squeezing should blades back all day for good posture… it’s time to make a change.

Let us show you how to improve your anterior pelvic tilt.


Anatomy of Pelvic Tilt

Here is a video using the pelvis model to illustrate some of the details and how the pelvis is tipped forward can affect the hips.


The biggest takeaway of this blog should be to change the way you view the pelvis.

Instead of thinking of it as one unit that tips forward and back we want you to understand it can move in all directions to some degree and even do opposite things side to side.


illustration of three planes of pelvic motion with anterior and posterior tilt

The bones in your pelvic can move relative to each other to create space. When we lose our relative motions things tend to “chunk” together.


What is the solution?

Our Pelvic Magic series is a systematic progression of classes that will improve your pelvis and hip.

Here’s how we progress:

First, we start from the floor so that you can relax areas that are tense that could be restricting. We use the ground and wall to give you a sense of stability through tactile feedback. Think about it as being locked in for success.


Next, we move to standing because that’s where life happens. We need to feel our feet under us and sense the ground while bearing weight.

The positions and control we earned on the ground now need to be loaded here to make the changes stick.


The series finishes with dynamic movements and adding weights.

This looks a lot like strength training which is actually what you want.

This is where that picture of the motions available to the pelvis comes in big-time. We start to challenge the pelvis to move in all directions standing, dynamically, and loaded.

Strength is always a major player in the equation.

We feel so strongly about this series and how it can help someone with a pelvic tilt that we have released our intro class for everyone to try.


What’s next?

Progress using the Elite Video Membership and our full Pelvic Magic class series. You can start today with a FREE trial.

Would you like Ian to work one on one with you to help with your pelvic tilt? Learn more about individual programming. 

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