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short kinstretch class hip knee and ankle cars

A short Kinstretch class is a great way to add mobility training to your workout and still be able to put in the time with your strength training or cardio.

Today’s FREE class is for lower body mobility. We go through controlled articular rotations for the hip, knee, and ankle and utilize Stick Mobility to add a challenge.

Improve your range of motion and joint health with this short Kinstretch class.

This is a great warm-up before a leg workout, run, or athletic sport. Try this quick at-home routine to get yourself moving!



We understand that it can be tough to get moving during the day, so we’ve created the Work Break playlist to give you 5-15 minute routines that you can fit into your busy schedule. This class is part of the series inside our Elite Video Membership. The playlist includes other short kinstretch classes and breathing routines!

We love using Stick Mobility with our mobility exercises. Make sure to use code MARKOW at check out for a discount purchasing your sticks! They are a great tool to help you increase radiation, provide stability when needed and get you to push your stretches. 

Want to try our Daily Full Body C.A.R.’s routine? This is the basis of a lot of mobility training. 

You can take more classes inside our EVM with your first week FREE. We have plenty of other lower body-focused classes.

Would you like to train one-on-one? We offer individual programming to improve mobility and strength. Learn more.

Our online course, Mobility Coach Plus, is for personal trainers and therapists to integrate mobility training into their approach. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us

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