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Ian demonstrates a weighted ankle car

Ankle And Foot Practical: Feel The Details With Our Mini-Course

Join Ian Markow for our mini-course on the Ankle and Foot.

The mini-course consists of a practical where Ian takes you through programming and guides you through common sequences and series we use with our clients. 

Feeling the details is crucial.

We want you to be able to take the concepts taught in the mini-course and directly apply them with your clients. 


Ian takes you through the programming for the ankle and foot that he has had success with his clients.


The Ankle and Foot Practical begins with important anatomy and biomechanics of the lower limb.

Next, we discuss the importance of getting the heel and midfoot to do their job to improve ankle dorsiflexion

Additional lessons include videos, images, and a guide on how to assess the foot.  

We answer common questions like “should you use bands when training the ankle and foot?”


Exercise bands can be an option when training the ankle and foot.


A powerful tool in training your ankle and foot is to use blocks. In the mini-course, we go over all the positions you would use them for. 


A power tool in training the ankle and foot is to use blocks during exercises.

Who is the Ankle and Foot Practical for?

The target demographic is someone who works with humans such as physical therapistspersonal trainersstrength coachesosteopaths, and chiropractors. While you can apply the concepts and training on your own, Ian speaks specifically to someone who is working with clients. 

As an introduction to training the ankle and foot, try this simple and effective routine. This video focuses on training your single-leg stability and feet.

Start off with the ground that is flat and stable. A tennis ball is a great tool to give feedback to the foot. To progress things, we use a Strongtek Slant Board and Pro Source Exercise Balance Pad. 



Ready to get started? Sign up here. 


All of our practicals are included with your purchase of our online course Mobility Coach Plus

Interested in Individual Programming with Ian? Learn more about Ian’s programs. 

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