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Alex Effer explains the importance of shin angle when choosing training methods.

Mobility Coach Plus Guest: Alex Effer

We had some great coaches come in for guest spots in 2021 and we are starting off 2022 with Alex Effer.

Alex is someone who has taught us so much.

Importance Of Shin Angle

Understanding shin angle is huge. We can make much better training decisions when we do.

Identifying which portion of the gait cycle people are struggling with can be the key to unlocking so many aspects of training.

Here’s Alex Effer on the subject:

Importance of Gait and Breathing

Another topic we discussed is the importance of gait and breathing in training and rehab ?.

It’s pretty wild how important it is to understand this slide and the impact that walking and breathing have on movement. ⁣ ⁣

Example of the guest coach presentation by Alex Effer for Mobility Coach Plus.

Alex Effer breaks it down:


One of the key pillars of our Mobility Coach Plus online course is to continue to provide different perspectives for personal trainers, coaches and physical therapists.

Your job as a fitness professional is to apply all the tools that you have learned and create the optimal path for your client.

This is why we bring in guest coaches for our course. 

Want to watch the full presentation?

Get access to Alex Effer’s full presentation and all of our guest coaches aspart of our online course Mobility Coach Plus


Click here to learn more. 


Would you like to be a guest coach with Mobility Coach Plus?

Do you know anyone who would be a great fit for us? 

Let us know by reaching out by email. 


Have a great day!

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