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movement examples for hip mobility

The Hip Mobility Guide is a 12-week program with follow-along classes that has everything you need to improve the way your hips function.

Are you tired of feeling limited hip mobility?

Do you have trouble doing squats and deadlifts?

Maybe the hip you did rehab on just doesn’t feel strong enough?

We have you covered with our structured Hip Mobility Guide via the Elite Video Membership.

This isn’t about not being in pain or restoring your hips to where they used to be.

This program will take your hip mobility to a completely new level of mobility and strength.

How does the Hip Mobility Guide work?

We give you a structured program with follow-along classes and daily recommendations. Our classes have two views so you can make sure you are doing the right movements.

Improve your hip mobility with our two view classes.

The program has three steps:

1. Improve Your Breathing

It’s crazy how much your breathing will affect your hip. The truth is the right breathing drill can completely change the way your hip moves.

We use specific breathing drills and general approaches to check every box there is when it comes to having a great hip.

You can start right now by simply noticing when you are mouth breathing and switch to nasal breathing with your mouth sealed.

Try this breathing exercise for hip internal rotation:



2. Hip Rotation

Rotation is absolutely essential for hip mobility. If you think about it, specific hip rotation training is probably something that has been missing in your program.

We focus on addressing the pelvis and the femur, restoring the movement options you lost. This program shows you how to assess the rotational capacities of your hip and exactly how to improve them.

We even created a Pelvic Magic series to improve how you can control your pelvis in all directions.

A great way to feel what we are talking about is the Side-Lying Hip CAR.


Check out our post on how to improve your Hip CAR.

3. Consistent Inputs

This shouldn’t be a secret. If you want to truly change your body you need to give it a consistent message to change.

We provide exercises that you can do daily or at least weekly to lock in the big changes we are making.

12 weeks is plenty of time to see huge changes.

We will show you the way, now it is time to do the work.

You can start our Hip Mobility Guide today with a free trial.

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