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Online Exercise Classes with the Elite Video Membership

Online Exercise Classes with the Elite Video Membership

The Elite Video Membership is a monthly subscription to our online exercise class library that includes Kinstretch, Stick Mobility, breathing drills, and classic strength and conditioning.

Our online exercise classes are all about integration. We use techniques and exercises from multiple systematic approaches to get you to your goals.

With our extremely thorough self-assessment tutorial, you will learn exactly what you need to work on.

Using your assessment as a blueprint, you will be able to choose classes that focus on your deficits. This approach ensures you are progressing where you need it most.

We have over 75 online exercise classes in our growing library!

online exercise classes for hip mobility


The Elite Video Membership includes three programming guides.

Each program comes with structured follow-along exercise classes, breathing routines, and daily recommendations.

Beginner Online exercise program The Foundation

The Foundation

The Foundation is our beginner exercise program.

The program will improve the way your heart works by progressively improving your cardiorespiratory engine.

It will also improve the way you breathe to manage your stress at a higher level.

We want to restore the movement options needed for walking, running, squatting, and throwing.

The program shares strategies to improve your sleep so you can recover more today to train harder tomorrow.

The goal is to make you strong in the spots humans need it most.


Improve shoulder mobility with our 12 week guide with online exercise classes.

Shoulder Mobility Guide

The Shoulder Mobility Guide is a 12-Week program that has everything you need to improve the way your shoulder functions.

The program focuses on 3 steps:

1. Improve Breathing

It’s crazy how much your breathing will affect your shoulder. The truth is the right breathing drill can completely change the way your shoulder feels.

2. Train Shoulder Rotation

Rotation is absolutely essential for shoulder health. The online exercise classes in this program will show you how to assess the rotational capacities of your shoulder and exactly how to improve them.

3. Consistent Input

This shouldn’t be a secret. If you want to truly change your body you need to give it a consistent message to change.


Improve Hip Mobility with our Online Exercise Classes in our Hip Mobility Guide

Hip Mobility Guide

The Hip Mobility Guide is a 12-Week program that has everything you need to improve the way your hip functions.

1. Improve Breathing

The hip is the same as your shoulder in that breathing can be a game changer.

2. Train Hip Rotation

Rotation is the key to your joints functioning properly. We’ve also included our Pelvic Magic series to ensure success.

3. Consistent Input

We will show you the way. You have to put in the work!


In addition to our programming guides, we have two class series. 

Pelvic Magic

The best way to describe our Pelvic Magic class series is to say it really is chess vs checkers.

Instead of spending hours stretching your hip flexors, hamstrings and quads, we can first get the skeleton moving optimally and the majority of your muscle tightness melts away.

Try our intro class to get started:

Posture Series

Our Posture series focuses on your spine, pelvis/rib orientation, and breathing.

Here’s a great example of tying it all together:


Online Exercise Class Library

We have many classes to explore beyond our guides and series.

Now is the time to try a class! Sign up with a FREE 3-Day trial and take your first class on us.

Have a great day and let us know if you have any questions!

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