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What is The Foundation exercise program.

The Foundation: A Beginner Exercise Program

The Foundation is a beginner exercise program with follow-along classes, breathing routines, and daily recommendations to improve your movement, cardio, and sleep.

The truth is the fundamentals are often skipped and especially when it comes to group fitness. We wanted to make a simple-to-follow program that allows you to build your foundation.

What do you mean by your foundation?

Someone’s foundation is their base and principle habits. Physically we think of a foundation as from the ground up.

Create a better foundation of habits.

The Foundation is more than an exercise program.

The Foundation will improve the way your heart works by progressively improving your cardiorespiratory engine.

It will also improve the way you breathe to manage your stress at a higher level.

We want to restore the movement options needed for walking, running, squatting, and throwing.

The program shares strategies to improve your sleep so you can recover more today to train harder tomorrow.

The goal is to make you strong in the spots humans need it most.


The Foundation is now available as a one-time purchase.

Check out the full program!


Who is The Foundation program for?

This is for anyone looking to improve their health and fitness.

There are always regressions and progressions making this challenging for all levels.

The one thing we ask of everyone is that they approach this program as a student ready to create long-lasting habits with astronomical benefits.

Our Pelvic Magic series is an integral part of The Foundation. We are so confident that this intro class will help you that we have published it for free.



What can I expect from completing The Foundation?

You will earn the ability to look at yourself from the inside and create a plan that sets you up for success.

You will have improved body control. This means both knowing where you are in space and being able to produce force with key muscles.

99% of the people go through what we call “The Hamstring Continuum” which starts by being humbled realizing your hamstrings are probably not that strong.



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One of our goals in the program is to be able to hold a hamstring bridge for 60 seconds. If you can get to this point your hamstrings are really strong.

Everyone wants to improve the way their glutes function and we will do just that. We are not talking booty bands but instead how to stretch them and strengthen them through a full range of motion.

Feeling calmer with improved recovery is a byproduct of both the breath work and the aerobic capacity training.

Arguably the most important thing you can expect is to change your habits. We give you the tools to truly change the way you function inside and out.

You will assess where you need to improve and follow a plan that leads to your success.


How Long Is The Foundation Program?

12 Weeks. 

We want you to be proficient at the exercises to the point where some are even easy.

What Is The Structure?

You have the option of 4 or 5 days a week of programming with daily recommendations.

Sample Schedule of The Foundation Programsample schedule for 4 days a week schedule of the foundation program


Can this be done with other programs/ workouts?

Absolutely. Within the structure, there is a ton of room for individuality.

There are plenty of ways to use the program the way it works best for you.


Can I participate with injuries?

We always suggest consulting your doctor and or physical therapist before beginning an exercise program. We are confident once you have that talk The Foundation can be a great addition to your routine. Feel free to reach out to Ian if you have specific questions about this.


What else do I get with the Foundation?

The Foundation program is a part of the Elite Video Membership so you will have full access to all of our classes with your monthly subscription.

Our Facebook group provides a forum for questions about the program.


Get Started With The Foundation Today!


If you have any questions feel free to drop us a comment below or reach out to us in the Facebook group.


Have a great day!



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