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fitness business with thinkific platform

Using Thinkific For Your Fitness Business

When creating a fitness course, program, or membership for your business, how you deliver your product to your students is paramount. At Markow Training Systems, we have been using the platform Thinkific to deliver our courses and classes for two years.

We thought we would share our experience with the platform and give advice for those thinking about using Thinkific for their fitness business.

Why Thinkific For Your Fitness Business?

At Markow Training Systems, we pride ourselves on empowering our clients and we go beyond just taking you through exercises. We want people to learn about their bodies to make long-lasting changes.

With this in mind, we chose Thinkifc because it is orientated towards education.

Along with coaching videos and follow-along classes, we use text, images, and even presentations so that our students really get what we are trying to do.

To be honest, if you are offering a fitness product with only videos, Thinkific is probably not your best option. I would go with Uscreen.

The other option would be to do a custom site. This would be a higher cost option and if anything goes wrong you are relying on your web developer.

Simplified Landing Page

Thinkific’s easy-to-use site builder allows you to create custom landing pages without knowing HTML. As with many small businesses, not having to hire a web developer to create your page is a huge help.

Example of Landing Page for Fitness Business on Thinkific

Check out our Elite Video Membership landing page as an example.

There are widgets that you can use on your page like testimonials, course curriculum, image galleries, icons, and more. The pages are responsive to desktop or mobile so you don’t have to get frustrated about sizing things for each option.

Fitness Course Creation

Creating courses with Thinkific is as straightforward as creating something on Google Docs or a blog post.

I would compare the formatting of courses in Thinkific to that of an educational book. You can break your course down into chapters and lessons.

Here’s a tour that Ian did recently of our Elite Video Membership curriculum to that point so you can see what a course looks like from a student’s perspective.


Selling Made Easy

On Thinkific you can have a subscription for your course or make it a one-time payment.

We have our Elite Video Membership as a subscription since we are constantly updating it with new classes, but have our course Mobility Coach Plus as a one-time payment.

You can easily integrate with Paypal or Stripe to handle your sales.

Thinkific Support

Thinkific’s customer support has been great. They have always responded in a timely matter with our questions and technical issues. They also are open to feature requests.

One of the features they have added recently is video analytics. Our Elite Video Membership now has over 75 classes so this feature has really helped us see what classes are doing well and how people are interacting with the course.

Thinkific has also created educational webinars to help you succeed with your site.


Promotion and Marketing Tools

Coupons are a great way to drive sales for your fitness business. On Thinkific you can easily create coupons and set a quantity or expiration date.

Thinkific has also simplified integrations. You can view their app store to see all the options.

Our fitness business integrations for Thinkific

We were easily able to connect our site with Facebook and Google for retargeting ads. We also have connected our email platform Mailchimp and we have created automated emails using Zapier.


Have any questions about Thinkifc relating to your fitness business?

Drop a comment below to let us know!




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