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use pelvic magic for tight hips and pelvis tilt

Pelvic Magic: FREE Intro Class

The best way to describe our Pelvic Magic class series is to say it really is chess vs checkers.

Instead of spending hours stretching your hip flexors, hamstrings and quads, we can first get the skeleton moving optimally and the majority of your muscle tightness melts away.

Major props to Postural Restoration Institute for opening our eyes to this game-changer.

Position Dictates Function

When muscles are in a certain position or orientation to both each other and gravity they have no choice but to fire.

Have you been told your glutes are asleep?

When you do the exercises in our Pelvic Magic series….. well there is no level of gluteal amnesia that could keep your butt from activating.

Your adductors which are the groin muscles are not asleep either but they will wake up like never before during this class also.

Many people who struggle to get into positions such as the 9090 hip stretch or couch stretch would be way better off restoring motion and movements options at the pelvis.


Don't Force 9090 Hip StretchBefore forcing yourself into the 9090 hip stretch, try the Pelvic Magic series.

Why PRI?

After introducing PRI principles, our students started to ask us,

“How come my hip CARS feel so much better after Pelvic Magic and I have not been doing as many?”

The truth is our approach is built upon the principles of minimum effective dose.

This means we want you to do only as much mobility work as you need to be successful with your goals. A runner doesn’t need the same mobility as a gymnast.

When we utilize this pelvis first strategy we unlock further gains for both the beginner and the more advanced movers.


So is this for everyone?

YES. Pelvic Magic has helped hundreds of different people diagnosed with everything under the sun including IT Band syndrome, tight hip flexors, lower back pain, hip impingement, and lack of mobility.

We are so confident in our Pelvic Magic series that we have released the full intro class on our Youtube channel.


Once you have finished our intro class, head on over to the Elite Video Membership. We have four more classes in the series!

Try it out with our free 3-day trial.

Many of our students start with the goal of simply going for a hike pain-free and end up running trails up mountains.

Some people want to touch their toes and the next thing you know they are working towards splits.

All of this is possible with the proper progressions and there is no better place to start than our Intro to Pelvic Magic.

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