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train rotation with stick mobility

Stick Mobility: Which Stick Should I Get?

Stick Mobility is a great addition to your fitness equipment. We use Stick Mobility a ton for classes in our Elite Video Membership.

In this post, we break down why we use them and what sizes we recommend. 

So which size Stick Mobility should you get?

Stick Mobility comes in the sizes of 7, 6, 5, and 4 feet. They also come in bundles which is what we suggest everyone starts with.

Enter Markow at check out for a discount on your sticks. 

Height is the best way to choose between the two packages.

If you are under 5’10″ tall the ‘6ft + 6 ft + 4ft’ Bundle will fit you best.

If you are 5’10″ or taller the ‘7ft + 7ft + 5ft’ Bundle will fit you best.

Having two larger sticks the same size opens up a lock of possibilities and you will be surprised how much you use the smaller single stick.

A shorter stick mobility gives you a lot of options to train your elbow mobility.  

They go well beyond mobility. It is an amazing tool to add to any exercise program.

Get started using your sticks with our Youtube playlist. 


Stick mobility can be used for a duffy squat. to

Why use Stick Mobility?

They can be used to improve:

      • Functional range of motion
      • Joint stability
      • Balance
      • Posture
      • Full-body strength
      • Coordination
      • Tissue quality
      • Athletic performance
      • Body alignment
      • Muscle activation
      • Motor control
      • Body awareness
      • Protection from injury
      • Recovery from injury
      • Recovery from exercise faster

One of the biggest impacts the sticks have had on us is simply throwing in movement breaks while working at home.

Having the sticks in the corner by my desk allows me to get some extra movement in seamlessly throughout the day.

It is crazy how good you feel after hanging from the tall sticks for a few deep breaths.

It feels great to train rotation with stick mobility.


We want to hear how you use Stick Mobility!

Let us know in the comments!


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