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Ian joined the Rob Crews Podcast for “How Pros Move”.

“During this episode Rob chats it up with Ian, discussing the commonalities between hitting and pitching mobility issues he sees on a daily basis. Ian enlightens us on how the body develops unbalanced strength due to the asymmetry of the body’s build, and how using force and power on one side eventually stops your full range of motion when hitting or pitching.

Rob pics Ian’s brain about how the lowest part of the body is the beginning of all movement and what he does with athletes to help their mobility training.

The guys talk about everything like what are the perfect shoes to wear, new technology like BodiTrak Performance, the similarities between Miami and New York City, and what kind of warm-up would Ian focus on to help players start their first game.

It’s a really interesting conversation that will leave listeners with gems, so tune in.” – Rob Crews


You can watch the podcast here.


With our Individual Program, we can create a program that focuses on Hitting or Pitching Mobility and your overall success playing Baseball.

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