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thoracic twist using stick mobility for mobility equipment

Equipment for Kinstretch and Mobility Training

What’s great about a lot of Kinstretch and mobility exercises is that they can be done almost anywhere and don’t require any equipment. That being said, providing more resistance with equipment will help you progressively overload and lead to more results. These tools will also give you the option of regressing mobility exercises. 

We created this list of mobility exercise equipment that we use for Kinstretch classes:


Stick Mobility– We find ourselves using these in some sort of way. These versatile sticks are great for challenging unique angles of stability and training all planes of motion.

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Core 360 Belt–  Are you wondering how this would be under mobility exercise equipment? Well, the belt is an active training aid designed to help you activate your core muscles better (that means more IAP/intra-abdominal pressure!) and to use your diaphragm better for proper breathing. This belt really cuts the learning curve for intra-abdominal pressure. Try putting one on during 9090 breathing.


use this for core mobility strength training


Large mat– Who doesn’t like to be able to spread out?


Mat used for Kinstretch


Yoga Blocks– These help when you need some support for regression or to use as feedback. Most people should probably be using these to regress their 9090 positions


Use yoga blocks to help you regress your 9090 hip stretch


Stability Ball– We love using these with Thoracic C.A.R.s by wrapping our arms around them.


Using a stability ball for mobility exercises


Resistance bands– A great way to progress with mobility exercises. Our Shoulder Kinstretch Class is a great example of using a band for added resistance. 


use these resistance bands for kinstretch


Ankle weights– We would go with the lighter weight to start. Strap these guys on your ankles for those range of motion you own. Build strength with the added weight.


use these ankle weights for kinstretch class


Medicine Ball– We use these with Thoracic C.A.R.s and spinal flexion/extension. We also use these to train rotation


use the medicine ball at the beach to train strength and mobility


Lacrosse Ball– Adding a ball to grip (try the back of the knee) can help you create total body tension. It’s also great for being able to use it to perform self-myofascial release. We’ll watch TV and roll out the bottom of the foot. 


use a lacrosse ball for a progression in your kinstretch practice


Indian Clubs– These are great for shoulder mobility and give you the option of adding an offset weight. Here are a few options for using Indian Clubs for mobility exercises.


advanced mobility exercise with strength training


Slant Board– Challenge your ankle stability with endless angles. Not only helpful for stretching before and after a workout but also beneficial to strengthen the lower limb mitigating injuries. Check out this dynamic ankle routine that uses the board. 


slant board used for ankle mobility training


TRX Suspension Trainers- A great all-around system with so many options. We love this chest stretch. It’s also a great option for scapular training.


use the trx to add resistance for mobility training



Let us know what you would add for mobility exercise equipment in the comments!


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