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At home mobility class for the shoulder.

At Home Mobility Routines

One of the ways we stay sane is to get moving with an at-home workout.

Mobility training is very versatile and is definitely something you can do at home.

Here is a collection of free at-home mobility routines that you can do anywhere:

Ultimate Daily C.A.R.s Routine

Controlled Articular Rotations were created by Dr. Andreo Spina as a pivotal part of the Functional Range Systems. This at-home mobility routine is a great intro to Kinstretch which is the group application of Functional Range Conditioning.

We can’t stress enough how beneficial doing your C.A.R.s every day is. 


Hip, Knee, Ankle CARs Routine

A quick routine for lower body mobility. 


Total Body Kinstretch Class

Ian guides you through a total body Kinstretch class to get you moving.



Shoulder Kinstretch Class

With this at-home mobility option, Ian guides you through a shoulder Kinstretch class that will improve your shoulder mobility and integrate some strength movements using a band. If you do not have a band, you can substitute a small weight or increase tension. 



At Home Lower Body Routine

Here is a simple routine that is as close to a sure thing as you can get for your lower body.

Remember everyone is an individual circumstance and no exercise should cause any pain.



Hip Mobility Routine

This 90/90 Hip Mobility Flow routine is advanced. If you do not feel comfortable in the 90/90 we recommend you place a yoga block underneath you.

We’ll often do this at-home mobility routine from the comfort of our living room watching TV.

After trying this routine, keep it going with our Hip Mobility Guide.

Bretzel Stretch

We love this as a cool-down or warm-up. Many people will struggle with turning one way and this will not only highlight that but it will give you a sure-fire way to address it.


Pelvic Magic

Pelvic Magic is our most popular series on the Elite Video Membership. It is basically the MTS secret sauce.

This class serves as an intro into the series as well as a sneak peek at our program for beginners “The Foundation”.



Do you want to take more mobility classes online?

Try our Elite Video Membership for FREE today!

As always if you have any questions, let us know!

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