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Stick Mobility: Our 5 Favorite Exercises

Stick Mobility is an incredible tool that has truly become a system. I was fortunate to find Stick Mobility early in my career and right after I did the FRC certification.

They both blend so well and make the sticks a pivotal component of our approach towards improving mobility and strength including our #KinstretchAnywhere courses and Individual Programming.

Here is why we use Stick Mobility:

Train longer lines of tissue across the body

Using Stickmobility allows us to connect the hand all the way to the ground. This can be as simple as hanging from them with focused breathing or rotating away capturing the entire side of your body.

They challenge your grip

This is something most new people notice right away. When you are creating force it will drive through the hands and challenge your elbow down like never before. This is clutch because we get this stimulus while training so many other aspects.

Stick Mobility facilitates the production of force

When doing open chain exercises we often get “loosey goosey” or lose stability. The sticks are the antidote for so many people because you can simply drive it into the ground and fire up large chains of muscles across the body. As a coach you can try to pull the stick away from someone and they will be forced to lock in. The learning curve for creating stability is positively effected.

You can train opposing forces

You will see in our videos that often we cue to pull one side and push the other. During traditional training this is often left out. For example, bench press is just both sides pushing in the same direction. If we look at the way we walk this reciprocal relationship is very consistent, meaning we should incorporate training to improve the capacities involved in those patterns.

They are perfect for isometrics

Having trouble with a position such as the squat or lunge? The sticks allow you to position yourself either with leverage or at a disadvantage allowing us to add variability and specificity in the same controlled environment.

Anyone can benefit from adding them

To some degree everyone could add the sticks to their training. The versatility is truly unmatched once you understand how to implement them. Younger trainers often struggle with training older populations who are more limited. Stick Mobility is the perfect solution allowing you to turn any exercise into the easiest or hardest one they have ever done. 

Here are our 5 Favorite Stick Mobility Excercises

Bow and Arrow

This excercise will allow us to train the lateral lines of the body unlike anything else. We can use our breathe to facilitate the stretch from with in making a huge impact on our sidebody, shoulder and hip. 

Rotational Bow Hinge

This will open up the thoracic spine with strength by pushing with one hand and pulling with the other. The is a great exercise for golfers especially .


Wrist and Elbow Strengthening

This series will strengthen the wrist and elbow which is commonly overlooked. This is another no brainer for athletes such as baseball and golf but is something that even someone spending a lot of time on the keyboard would benefit greatly.


Split Stance Series

This is one of our favorites that check so many boxes. Most people could improve their single leg strength and with stick mobility the options are endless. This will also target the foot and spine with great carry over to walking and running.


Shoulder Mobility

Here we are able to easily train both sides of the shoulder joint and actively stretch the lats which is a common spot for limited mobility.

Stick Mobility is a game changer to add to your current exercise routine. We will continue to share our favorite ways to integrate the sticks into your training program.


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