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Physical Therapist Dr. Locrao and Personal Trainer Ian Markow

Physical Therapist Dr. Locrao In Session

We visited physical therapist Dr. Locrao (@DrLocrao) at his practice in Pasadena, California. Dr. Locrao is the owner of Pasadena Physical Therapy and can be found at He has been a mentor and resource to myself as well as so many others.

When it comes to the Markow Training Systems approach we strongly believe in employing an approach that includes multiple systems. Having multiple tools in your toolbox is the best way to help the individual you are working with.

For our first video, we discussed the different systems of Dynamic Muscular Stabilization (DNS), Postural Restoration Institute (PRI), and Functional Range Systems (FRS). We were also able to go through some intraabdominal pressure assessments introducing the core belt 360 which is something we will definitely be using more of in the future.

For more information in the core belt used in the video head on over to Core360. 

Core 360 Belt for DNS Stability


In this video Dr Locrao and I discuss ways to effectively communicate between physical therapist and personal trainers. This is a crucial skill to truly helping people at the highest level. We encourage all trainers to find a physical therapist they can work with.


The Americana and Sleeper are two exercises that involve improving rotation at the shoulder joint. We get a lot of questions about so we wanted to sit down with Dr. Locrao and get a look at these exercises through the lens of a physical therapist. Remember you should never feel any pinching pain when stretching.


We hope you enjoyed this in session with Loc as much as we did. We hope to bring him back for a part two in the future. Remember you can also reach out to him directly via social media or set up a session with him in Pasadena,CA. In the meantime please email us any feedback you have including what you want to see next!

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