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Integrating Kinstretch with Crossfit

Can Kinstretch improve your Crossfit training? The answer is a resounding YES. Crossfit is a brilliant and beautiful creation.

We have all cheered at the video of the previously 400 lb. individual crushing box jumps at 205lbs. We have all experienced the “sudden onions” in the room as a former US soldiers clean and jerks twice as much as my PR despite an amputated lower limb.

What Crossfit really succeeded at was building COMMUNITY. I believe prioritizing mobility within this community is the key to continued progress. 

The purpose of this blog post is to explain how a mobility based approach towards crossfit resulting in a safer and more successful experience for everyone from novice to elite competitor.

Kinstretch allows us to identify where we lack mobility and follows with a science based approach to improve that specific mobility. In doing so we learn skills faster, increase performance, and mitigate injuries.

When integrating Kinstretch with Crossfit, our goal is not to replace the Crossfit you are doing but to make sure you are first prepared and set up for the most success possible. 

The one consistent complaint I hear whether it is trainers, therapist, or crossfitters is that Crossfit is dangerous because unprepared individuals are pushed to their limits which results in injuries….

While many will quote the 36 Pec tears leading up to 2017 Crossfit Regionals…. Very few will actually dive into the research.

While the research does not lead us to any absolutes it is definitely worth taking a look at as long as it has not been falsley representated like the NSCA blunder 


A 4-Year Analysis of the Incidence of Injuries Among CrossFit-Trained Participants


The conclusion of the findings above suggest that CrossFit training is relatively safe compared with more traditional training modalities. However, it seems that those within their first year of training as well as those who engage in this training modality less than 3 days per week and/or participate in less than 3 workouts per week are at a greater risk for injuries.

Is it really shocking that the high intensity workout is injuring the individuals who are both new and or training only twice a week? This research not only shows Crossfit is safe but that it is paramount to PREPARE for training.

There is no better way to prepare the body for stress than implementing Kinstretch into your weekly training routine.

When you think of the word Mobility in relationship to Crossfit then there is only one man. A legend. A leopard.

Kelly Starrett is the reason I started to learn about mobility training and for most people throwing up the band for a chest stretch or rolling out your glutes on a blue ball is their definition of mobility training. This is a huge problem.


Passive vs active range of motion

PASSIVE inputs lead to PASSIVE results


There is no one else on the platform when you snatch. No coach to pull you into more shoulder flexion. No teammate to internally rotate your hip.

So what about the band? When you stretch your chest do you ever contraction the mid back and back side of the arm? If we want to be able to access, control or just plain use this range of motion then shouldn’t we make it a priority to train the specific tissue responsible for making this movement happen?

Hopefully you are a legit Supple Leopard and are thinking well I do contract the muscle that it stretching for a few seconds. You my friend are ahead of the game… but still neglecting what we call the regressive tissue that shortens/ contracts to pull you into that “archetype”


We must train both sides of the joint through full range of motion. In other words do you relax into the pull of your snatch or explode through it.

How strong do you think your hip drive will be when your hip improves at its most fundamental level?

How explosive will the high pull be when you have the potential to contract all of the musculature available with efficiency?

This is what implementing Kinstretch with Crossfit will do for your PR journey. Kinstretch will ensure you have the proper mobility to achieve any archetype/position your goals require. It does not stop there.

Once we can actively achieve the position we follow progressive overload just like anything else building resiliency to absorb more force while increasing the capacity to produce more force.


Crossfit Mobility Prequisities

Healthy joints make difficult movements easy – Dr. Andreo Spina

So how does it work? Dr. Andreo Spina the creator of Functional Range Systems perfectly summed it up in 4 simple steps.

1. Determine Physical Capacities

You can do this right now by simply doing our C.A.R.’s routine.


We also offer online assessments and in person FRAssessments in South Florida. This is how we find out what you can and can not do. An assessment is also part of our Individual Programming.

Video yourself or use a mirror to assess your compensations. Check this example for anything overhead such as snatch, presses, and pull ups to make the connection of just what we are talking about.

Simply put if you can not achieve a position actively then why would you add a barbell with load and lift it as fast as you can for time? Seems pretty straightforward right?

2. Program within those capacities

Do not confuse assessing prerequisites with telling you that you can not do your favorite exercises. In fact it is actually the optimal way to do exactly what you love.

If you can not get overhead without throwing your lower back into the job of your shoulder then snatching is going on the shelf for a little while we maintain strength doing landmine presses and yoga push ups. You are still getting strong and even more importantly you are not getting hurt.

3. Program additional work to expand capacities

Here is where we step away from assessing and maintaining our joints with a leap into the darkness of true mobility training. Let’s keep the same example and continue with we do not have the capacity to get overhead.

We need to make sure we have adequate internal rotation and should flexion. We can also adhere to the principle of specificity and add some emphasis on shoulder abduction since many lifts require wider grips.

With a consistent approach based off of a specific assessment we can improve your capacity of your shoulder getting overhead with load. I just want to make it clear that this is absolutely training even if it is in conjunction with other strength work.

It will take time to change that joint resulting in what we call “Cold Mobility” or what some might resonate with is the leopard. No bands, no rollers, no C.A.R.’s, no Breathwork, and no PAILS/RAILS you just have it. When you want to chase your dinner… you just go.

4. Reassess and repeat

Again this is a process. One that will allow you to accurately measure progress further informing your hard earned time spent on training. If you never reassess how do we know it worked?


Take Action

Now that we have broken down some major concepts we would like to provide a specific, actionable approach as an example of the next step in the process. We will stick with the overhead mobility example and start with the requisite of shoulder Internal Rotation.


Assess your shoulder rotation with Capsule CAR.’s


Expand ROM for External and Internal rotation of the shoulder

Own and Load the full range of motion



Crossfit is changing lives every day in a positive way. The key to success within Crossfit is preparation and proper progression. Integrating Kinstretch with Crossfit is a great way to prepare yourself to reach your goals.

This will allow you to identity what you need to accomplish your goals and provide you with a scientific approach towards joint optimization. By earning the prerequisites required while getting stronger within your current capacities you will enjoy PR’s and more importantly long term success while avoiding pain, injury, and overtraining.

Assess Your Joints

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you have about integrating Kinstretch with Crossfit.



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