At Markow Training Systems we integrate mobility principles with strength training. The number one priority of Markow Training Systems is to educate people all over the world giving them independence. This means no longer seeing the chiropractor two times a week, no more pain killers, and ultimately knowing that you can DO ANYTHING with proper progressions.


Individual Programming

Work one on one directly with Ian for 12 weeks. This includes online sessions, an assessment tutorial and training program with weekly coaching.

Elite Video Membership

Start taking classes today with a FREE trial of the Elite Video Membership.

Mobility Coach Plus

An online course specifically designed for coaches and therapist looking to take their implementation of mobility training to the next level.


If you have a questions about any of our offerings, upcoming events or training with Ian feel free to ask!

    At home mobility class for the shoulder.

    At Home Mobility Routines

    A collection of free at home mobility routines that you can do anywhere.

    Ultimate Daily C.A.R.s Routine

    We've updated our daily mobility routine with two views.

    The Ultimate 90/90 Blog Post

    We went in depth on all things 90/90.

    Mobility Coach

    FREE Webinar

    How To Integrate Mobility and Strength



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    Client Testimonials

    Before I first started training with Ian, I had a history of elbow and hip pain from years of neglecting mobility work. Not only are all those aches now gone, but we also improved specific movement deficiencies I had - we have had great success working on my asymmetries and improving my core strength. I have been able to PR most of my lifts while improving overall body awareness and even losing 3-4 lbs with no diet changes. I can control my body like never before and am excited for my upcoming powerlifting competition.

    Carlos A.

    When he sent the program across, I was blown away by the level of detail put into it. As previously mentioned, learning more of the theory side of things wasn't my primary goal when seeking Ian's guidance but found that reading through the program and watching the linked videos, I learnt a lot more than I already had done, which was not only great for my own training but for me to then pass this onto training my own clients as well. Attention to the small details, that make such a big difference with mobility, is one of the main things I took away from working with Ian and his team and now have a structure in place that I can carry on using for the rest of my life.

    Mark H.

    Ian gave me the tools to get out of severe chronic hip pain and develop a huge understanding of what a real mobility practice looks like. This work inspired me to take the FRC and FR course for myself which I felt much more prepared for after Ian's comprehensive programming and top notch coaching cues.

    G Money

    With the help of this program and Ian Shields Markow's great coaching I've gotten even better at getting in touch with my joints on an isolated level. I'm realizing more and more that FRC/Kinstretch IS FITNESS. This type of training provides you with the hardware( joints) necessary to do amazing things like capoeira, run, play sports, lift heavy things etc.

    Stephen C.

    My expectation of this program have absolutely been crushed in the best way possible and I couldnt be happier with this investment into my health, as well as, the opportunity to learn from one of the best so that I can pass on that knowledge on to my clients.

    Cam G.

    My hip flexors usually get tight and painful throughout the week but since that class and being diligent with my hip CARS they have felt amazing. Looking forward to the gains pain ?

    Chris M.

    Just did the spine class last night! Best kinstretch class I’ve ever done! And I’ve done many! It’s hard to teach good spine class online! Good job Ian! ????????

    Efi E.

    The amount of information you have put into this course is just above and beyond! You are truly educating us about our bodies and after just the first class and the prep work via assessments. I can honestly say that this investment has been one of the best ever!!!!

    Ulrike B.

    Loving the course so far. It's very detailed and well organized. It's been the perfect follow up to FRC.

    Adrian L

    My knee has felt insanely better since starting this. No painful lockouts or the joint sticking. I do Capoeira as well. I went back to it last week and I was amazed by how good my hips felt and how easy some of the kicks felt.

    Phillip A.

    My velocity PR jumped 5mph this fall and the program I got from Ian certainly played a huge role, but more importantly, I have confidence that I’ll stay healthy moving forward in my career. At 6’7’, I’ve battled with a constant slew of injuries since middle school that prevented my ability to consistently develop as an athlete. Ian identified huge mobility restrictions, strength deficiencies, and poor movement quality that were the root of my problems.

    Ben B